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I Took The Kids Fishing – Things Got Out Of Hand…Video Included!

Note: We always snap a picture of the fish and release them right back into the water.  So I took Davis and Clara Jane fishing last night, it wasn’t really a planned outing, but let’s face it, few things we do ever are actually planned. We were at my Mom’s house because Amanda had a shindig going on at our house with some lovely friends and the kids and I were politely asked not to attend. So we got some...


Summer with Kids – The Heat is On

It’s that time of year, again. Summer with Kids… Winter’s cold grip held on too long and the five perfect days of spring seem to have slipped by in a moment. Now it’s hot and hotter most days and soon schools will shut their doors for a few months and the game is on. Summer camps, summer travel with kids, and hopefully without if you are able to get away, and a whole slew of other time killers to pass...


Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and My Kids

It’s that time again! Storm season in Oklahoma. So, replace the batteries in the weather radio, grab a flashlight, and just in case get a hard hat because we do earthquakes in Oklahoma now, too.  Apparently, Tornadoes weren’t enough. I cleaned out the storm shelter tonight. I always plan to keep it clean through the winter, but I typically do it a day or two before we are supposed to get our first bad weather of the spring. Was it...

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