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Bennett’s First Day of School

Bennett heads back to “school” tomorrow. Well pre-school, or pre…pre-k. I haven’t seen the curriculum for this year, but I think it is pretty standard, some light bio-chemistry followed by a snack of animal crackers and so on and so forth. But, no matter what they teach or learn or do Bennett James Toler will be up for it, and I mean WAY up for it, anything and everything. I tell the kids sometimes that, “If everything is a big...


Back to School, A Parent’s Fresh Start

“Back to School,” the three most complicated words in the parenting lexicon. Expectations for a new year of growing and learning are always high, and a fresh chance at a great start is refreshing in a world that is exceedingly moving towards one strike, and you’re out. Some parents are so sad that summer is over while others have been camping out with their kids in front of the school like it’s a Best Buy on Black Friday waiting for...


Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and My Kids

It’s that time again! Storm season in Oklahoma. So, replace the batteries in the weather radio, grab a flashlight, and just in case get a hard hat because we do earthquakes in Oklahoma now, too.  Apparently, Tornadoes weren’t enough. I cleaned out the storm shelter tonight. I always plan to keep it clean through the winter, but I typically do it a day or two before we are supposed to get our first bad weather of the spring. Was it...


My Mom is a Teacher – Some thoughts on the Oklahoma Teacher “Walk-Out”

  I am biased, but as far as I can tell objectivity doesn’t have a place in most public discourse anymore. So, now that we have all the bases covered… My mom is “retired” from teaching. But, let’s be real, she isn’t truly retired, she didn’t stop knowing how to teach a child to read, or how to calm an upset or even irrational kid. We LOVE sending our kids to my mom’s house. They play games and do puzzles...

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