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Parenting Tip: Don’t Let A Train Get Stuck In Your Daughter’s Hair

“Daddy?!?!” “Daddy! I need you!” It happens all the time, right? Your daughter yells from the other room and just needs a little bit of help. Parents know that judging the situation you will face by the tone of voice and intensity of the plea for help is a rookie mistake.  A blood-curdling scream could be anything from raging fire sweeping through the living room to a corner of a recently colored picture being torn off. The SAME terror can...


Adam Takes On The Powerful Baby Doll Industry

Important Photo Caption Note: Clara Jane refers to all of her baby dolls as “American Girl” dolls. We never actually said that about any of them, to be fair we didn’t correct her either. I mean other than quality, price, durability, prestige, and a host of other features how is this “journeygirls” doll really that different?  Why do they give baby dolls removable clothing? My sweet, beautiful Clara Jane has no interest in keeping up with her clothes, much less...


The Perfect Diet…er.

I have been eating pretty well over the last couple of months. This week I decided it was time to take things up a notch. I have had some success losing weight, but have plateaued a bit. I feel like if I really lock in, I will look like a svelte young Danny Devito in no time. That said, I have some observations from the past two days of following the “Super Awesome Clean Healthy Eating Plan to Have a...

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