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I Took The Kids Fishing – Things Got Out Of Hand…Video Included!

Note: We always snap a picture of the fish and release them right back into the water.  So I took Davis and Clara Jane fishing last night, it wasn’t really a planned outing, but let’s face it, few things we do ever are actually planned. We were at my Mom’s house because Amanda had a shindig going on at our house with some lovely friends and the kids and I were politely asked not to attend. So we got some...


Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and My Kids

It’s that time again! Storm season in Oklahoma. So, replace the batteries in the weather radio, grab a flashlight, and just in case get a hard hat because we do earthquakes in Oklahoma now, too.  Apparently, Tornadoes weren’t enough. I cleaned out the storm shelter tonight. I always plan to keep it clean through the winter, but I typically do it a day or two before we are supposed to get our first bad weather of the spring. Was it...


I Was the Victim of a Crime, Sort of, Not Really, It’s Mostly True

So, weird stuff always happens to me. As an introvert, private rule follower, and overall quiet person you would think it would be just the opposite…a quiet life. It was high noon on a crisp fall day a couple of short years ago. I decided to drive through McDonald’s for a health drink (Large DDP) on my way back to the office. However, at the ripe old’ age of 32, I felt the urge to visit the little boy’s room....


Let’s Play Some NintendOLD!

Davis, Clara, and I got out my original Nintendo over the weekend and hooked it up. Davis saw it in a drawer and has wanted to give it a whirl for a while now. What could go wrong? Nothing, that’s what. Davis gets to play video games every now and then and is really good, like excessively good, especially at Mariokart. He’s good enough that I have had to use alternative means to secure victory for myself a few times...


A Not So Simple Act Of Kindness

This morning on my way to work I stopped for a delicious breakfast sandwich at the local health food drive-thru. After pulling up to window number one with my money ready for payment, the smiling cashier informed me that my meal was paid for by the kind woman two cars ahead. But, why? What was her angle? Was she just nice? No one is nice anymore, right? So, not to be “out-niced” by this generous person I quickly and way...


It’s Monday and I Smell Grilled Cheese

I am at work waiting for a large file to upload. I was flipping through my phone to pass the time and saw a video on social media of someone making a grilled cheese. I “accidentally” clicked on it and watched the short video. Moments later…back at work in my office, which has no stove or pans or cheese or bread…I began to smell a freshly made grilled cheese. This isn’t a joke, people. This is my life. I don’t...

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