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I Miss Cheese: The Perils of Getting Older

We are prepping for a garage sale. And have been moving things around in preparation for the biggest sale of the year. I am beat, I woke up feeling like I had been in a fender bender, followed by a heavy workout, followed by being the victim of a bear mauling. So, of course, that got me to thinking about how smoothly I am aging. When I get out of bed in the morning, my entire body sounds like I...


Josephine Beauty Queen – Man’s Best Friend

This is Josey… Well, her full adoption record says, “Josephine Beauty Queen Toler”. Beautiful name, huh? The person who helped us fill out her adoption paperwork wasn’t so sure either, but look at her, just not right at her. It’s the perfect name. She’s not eye candy (neither am I) and she’s definitely not your typical “family dog”, but she’s the best dog I have ever known. We adopted her 11.5 years ago when she was around the age of...

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