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Summer Travel With Kids – The Long Ride Home

As summer comes to a close and the blazing 100-degree temps fade into the welcoming arms of the cool upper ninety-degree temps I think it’s time we address the elephant in the back seat. The long ride home with kids… It’s often mentioned that the ride home feels much shorter than the ride to vacation.  That’s fine and dandy and in most cases probably holds true.  But with kids in the back seat, the wheels can literally come off at...


I Took The Kids Fishing – Things Got Out Of Hand…Video Included!

Note: We always snap a picture of the fish and release them right back into the water.  So I took Davis and Clara Jane fishing last night, it wasn’t really a planned outing, but let’s face it, few things we do ever are actually planned. We were at my Mom’s house because Amanda had a shindig going on at our house with some lovely friends and the kids and I were politely asked not to attend. So we got some...

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