“Fine and Dandy”, some thoughts on Christmas Music…

This is my buddy, Mack. The world’s nicest and slowest moving dog. He doesn’t like Hard Candy Christmas either.

I love Christmas. Always have. I am also a relatively polished Christmas music aficionado…it’s not bragging if it’s true.

It’s always awkward to mention your own “hidden talent”, but if you’ve ever ridden in the car with me between my birthday (Oct. 30) AKA “The Official Launch of Christmas” and December 28th (you have to ween yourself off of the tunes), then you know I have the ability to match the singing style, labored accent, and vocal octave range of every Christmas song Magic 104.1 can throw my merry way.

It’s a controversial talent that is met with mixed reviews and minimal patience from my lovely (related note: she’s a really talented singer) wife, Amanda. Sometimes talent has a hard time recognizing talent, especially if you (me) are stealing some of their (Amanda) Christmas shine.

There are songs that don’t bring out my best work and even those that some might say I don’t sing that well (or know half of the words)…I’m looking at you Carol of the Bells…but only one Christmas song can make me no longer able to hear the bells ring…

The Christmas “song” I am referencing is of course “Hard Candy Christmas” by a little known artist named, Dolly Parton. I know it ends each chorus saying she’ll be just fine, but I’m so bummed out by the time she says it I’m just not buying it. And I like the phrase, “fine and dandy” as much as anyone, but that song is like a “joy detox”…

You say, “But Adam, it’s a great Christmas song!”

I sing (twangily and downtrodden), “Maybe I’ll…try it again….Nope.”

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