Fall Break? More Like Fall Test of Will…

Fall break. Break feels wrong. Fall trip? Fall travels? Fall test of will? That feels closer. 

We made it. We are speeding up, I don’t want to sound braggy, but we knocked out a 5.5 hour trip in 7 hours, which by my calculations and my strong back bone in common core math, we basically arrived early. 

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Clara Jane asked if we were there yet about 6,000 times, including an unbelievably early query, as we turned onto the turnpike a mere 2 minutes from our home. She said she was joking, but she wasn’t I could see it in her cute little face. She was dead serious. 

Bennett at about 4,000 calories of snacks and took a power nap that he was jarred awake from. After he woke he decided he had real issues with being strapped into a car seat. He’s never whined about it in his life! But a decently lengthy road trip turned out to be a great time for him to pick at that bone for a few hours off and on. When he finally gave up he decided he really wanted to know which direction we were going. I said, “Right now, northeast”, he cried (seriously), “I wanted to go northwest!” So I did the only ethical thing I could in that situation…I lied. Northwest it was! 

Davis listened to an audiobook and I twice forgot he was in the car. Relax! J/K LOL, it was three times I forgot. 

We ate lunch at a random Chinese buffet in a small town. We like adventure. If you aren’t living on the edge you are taking up too much space (I don’t know if that’s original to my father in law but I hope it is). 

The food was questionable, but filling. Bennett yelled, “This is my fabite!” to the restaurant at large (one other family) about each piece of food he ate, including, but not limited to:

– Broccoli 
– Half eaten grape
– Pineapple (from a can for sure)
– Cantaloupe 
– Chicken 
– Rice (But he said it wasn’t rice, it was)
– Water, that’s right. Best water around. 

When we finally made it, the car was so dirty I regretted not bringing my trusty blower with me. “What’s that you say, Adam? A blower? Do tell!” I’m glad you asked…

Pro tip: vacuums suck. See what I did there? When you have small kids the only answer is a powerful industrial blower. Open all the doors. Pop the rear hatch and let that blowers powerful blast give your car interior the fresh start it deserves. 

We are here. We had a great night. I love my family. We laughed and played and had so much fun. It’s always worth the trip, even when it feels so daunting. Everyone is exhausted and asleep except me. I’m like a baby, I get “overtired”. I missed my window so who knows when I will sleep. Hopefully soon. There’s another day of “break” tomorrow.

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