Busy Seasons…More Like Busy Years, Right?

We are busy.

…and I mean busy, so busy in fact that I may not have time to actually write the rest of this…

I’m back, the toilet just broke, no really. The plastic thingy disconnected from the tube thing that connects to fill the tank with the water (obviously, I’m a plumber). It broke clean off. My first repair option involved super glue and some duct tape, that combo can’t possibly fail, right?

Busyness rightfully gets a bad wrap because of the symptoms it can bring. The main concern for us being a lack of time together as a family. Allowing the constant practices, lessons, events, homework, gatherings, workouts (J/K), or whatever else to overwhelm you is nothing to feel ashamed about. It can and will happen. But do we just take it? Is busyness all powerful?

People often discuss “busy seasons” of life and discuss ways to navigate those times and takes steps to reduce the constant motion of daily family activities. But, it doesn’t feel like seasons lately, it feels like busy years of life.

Like our lives are so busy they wouldn’t text us back. And when they finally did they’d throw out the following message:

“Dude, so sorry, things have been crazy, LOL, you know how that goes, sorry it took me 3 months to reply, (laughy crying emoji), obviously, we can’t come over on Friday (three months ago) (gritted teeth emoji) we would love to see you guys though! (3 x thumbs up emoji) let me talk to life partner and I’ll text you back. (Pray hands)”

AND…… repeat again in 3 months.

Lately, we are trying to be more efficient than our busyness. Instead of letting it overwhelm and reducing our quality time we are trying to be more intentional about the time we do have. How well are we actually spending those fleeting moments in what we think is such a busy time? Well, for me, not very well…

If you have an iPhone and have upgraded to iOS 12 (the new operating system) then you most likely have been introduced to a humbling and slightly rude new feature called “Screen Time” which is basically a weekly tally and breakdown of how much time you spend each day on your phone and the way you spend that time between different apps like social media, etc. It even shows you how often you pick your phone up in any given hour.

To say I was embarrassed at my first report would be rude to the concept of embarrassment. I was floored.

I spent how much time?!

I am sooooo busy yet I had HOURS of time to look at my phone each day?!

Sure some was for work, and some was reading, some was very reasonable usage related to everyday life, but a huge portion was mindless scrolling.

And then I have the audacity to say we are too busy.

We are busy, sure. But, I am too distracted.

The time is there and the life I love is right in front of me. Why I am using precious moments to give my thumbs a workout?

For me, being busy isn’t the main issue, being selfish is…

I love what social media brings in connectivity, even in spite of politics and division, I love staying in touch with family who lives far away and friends from different stages of life. I love the things I learn from friends either through links or personal insight. I just don’t love it more than time with my family.

It’s not about quitting social media or going back to a flip phone, although those things are super slick. It’s not even about a set time limit for social media or phone usage.

It’s about making sure that I am using the time that feels (and is) so precious in a smart and meaningful way. Hopefully using a little self-discipline to bring a more equitable and thoughtful balance to the time I spend unplugged versus the time I am on the amazing little computer in my hand. 

Being busy is okay, it’s manageable and sometimes unavoidable.

Being distracted on the other hand is a lot like our toilet situation, poopy.

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