Bennett’s First Day of School

Bennett heads back to “school” tomorrow. Well pre-school, or pre…pre-k. I haven’t seen the curriculum for this year, but I think it is pretty standard, some light bio-chemistry followed by a snack of animal crackers and so on and so forth. But, no matter what they teach or learn or do Bennett James Toler will be up for it, and I mean WAY up for it, anything and everything.

I tell the kids sometimes that, “If everything is a big deal then nothing is a big deal.” This statement is typically made in an effort to offer perspective to extremely “dire situations” that daily arise in the life of my eldest two children. Mostly, it’s just an effort to say take a moment and relax and STOP DRIVING US CRAZY, I kid, I kid, but seriously calm down, kids.

Bennett is different. Everything IS a big deal to him, and I just can’t imagine it any other way, give him a cracker and he will thank you and be excited like you gave him a bag full of money, make him laugh and his whole body will shake while his giggles echo through the house.

He has a few well-earned nicknames:
-Benny Crusher
-The Kool-Aid Man
-The Wrecking Ball (Davis and CJ love this one)

These all fit, everything fits Bennett, he loves big and lives big, he makes more facial expressions in 30 minutes than I have made since 6th grade. He is the best person to read a book to, you can literally see him feeling each page, one day I will post a video of him listening to “Going on a Bear Hunt” and you will be exhausted for him by the end of it.

He gives the best hugs and he makes the funniest noises. He never stops talking, never. He sings and dances while he eats. And speaking of eating…

He is always hungry, he will eat until everyone has finished their food and then happily sit at the table by himself and continue to eat long after everyone else has wandered off. He will tell you he is hungry during and right after eating. He fake burps and says “scuse me” about 4 times every meal.

He is so outgoing and funny that sometimes I miss how intelligent he already is. His memory is unbelievable and he is better at puzzles than I have ever been. He is intuitive and thoughtful in a way that is endearing and chaotic all at once.

There is only one Bennett James, and if this rambling anthology doesn’t say it clearly enough, he is truly one of a kind. A whirlwind of big love, big laughs, and genuine excitement.

So I am glad everything is a big deal to Bennett because he is a big deal to me.

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