Mamaw Turned 87…We Think.

Last night we were headed to celebrate Mamaw’s 87th birthday. We think…

An important note of clarification: Mamaw disagrees (and pretty much always has) with the age on her birth certificate and steadfastly says her name is wrong on it, too. So this may or may not have been number 87…and you know what? I am with her! I disagree with the height and weight on my license so who am I to start drawing lines in the sand?

As we drove to the party we went over a hill and Clara yelled: “Ebebody put your hands in the air!” (We roller coaster as a fam when the opportunity arises, and it’s exhilarating).

Amanda was driving and started steering with her knee for a second to put her hands up to properly ride the hill/coaster, duh.

Davis started cracking up and said, “Mommy, how are you driving?!”

Amanda: “I’ve been around a long time I know a lot of tricks. Stick around and I’ll teach you a few.” Background Fact: This is 1000% something her dad would say.

It was quiet for a few seconds….then Davis piped up, “I bet Mamaw knows the most tricks! She’s been doing them the longest. Right, guys?”


A related follow-up, do better at loving on the older members of your family, tell them, call them, show them. It’s not work and it’s not hard or time consuming to take a few moments to listen and laugh. Their love and their lives paved the way for you to become exactly the person you are, growing older seems to have an inconsiderate way of diminishing the value and relevance of people who not so long ago were in your exact shoes.  I am speaking to myself here, mostly, but if the “I’m too busy with my busy life that is sooooo busy” shoe fits, then maybe you can try and love better, too.

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