These Kids Don’t Want to Rock

Davis and I were driving and listening to music. He likes to rock so we had it on the station that used to play oldies, 92.5. Now it’s just hard rock for hard people like me. It can’t still only play oldies because Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” came on and that’s a current and raging hit.

Anyway, I was singing and delivering what, I think, was a terrific and heartfelt performance. When someone from the backseat chimed in…

Davis (Giggling): What are you doing, daddy?

Me: Making Magic.

Davis: That’s not what I thought magic was…

Me: You’re just lucky it wasn’t “In the Air Tonight” or daddy would break out the air drums.

Davis: …………………I’m kind of hungry.

He changed the subject, pretty clunkily if you ask me…but I am not hurt, just concerned, and you should be too. 

I understand you can’t hurry love and we aren’t guaranteed another day in paradise, but these are the life changing lessons we MUST pass on to future generations, without Phil Collins and his delightful brand of soft pop romance rock we are all in danger of losing our way, also Sussudio…

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