Adam in Public – Checkout Line Awkward Run-in

It’s that time again, pull up a chair and put on your Snuggie, it’s time for another awkward run in…

Last December I went into my local super business store to buy large boxes for some orders I needed to ship.

As I was checking out, the counter person and I had a glorious exchange. I could tell when I arrived at the desk I was dealing with a serious, no-nonsense operator just like me.

Important: From here on I will list the characters in this interaction using the following key:

HC – Hefty Customer

AMC – Accidentally Mean Counterperson


AMC: Is the wind still really bad out?

HC: The wind’s not too bad, but it’s really cold.

AMC (looks up from the register): Yeah, it was windy when I came in, but you’re probably big enough it doesn’t bother you.

HC (chuckles): I knew I’d been hanging on to my winter weight year round for a reason.

AMC (dead serious): You really shouldn’t do that…

HC (getting tickled by this exchange): You’re right, but then I’d have issues with the wind, and I’m not sure which would be worse.

AMC: The extra weight, for sure… (hands me my receipt).

HC (trying not to giggle): Welp, Merry Christmas!

AMC (with a kind smile): Okay…You, too.

This story is 1000000% true and a moment I will cherish for the rest of my big box office supply buying days.

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