Summer Travel With Kids – The Long Ride Home

As summer comes to a close and the blazing 100-degree temps fade into the welcoming arms of the cool upper ninety-degree temps I think it’s time we address the elephant in the back seat. The long ride home with kids…

It’s often mentioned that the ride home feels much shorter than the ride to vacation.  That’s fine and dandy and in most cases probably holds true.  But with kids in the back seat, the wheels can literally come off at any time, ANY TIME. 

The delicate balance of a successful trip is a like a see-saw that is constantly rotating people of all different sizes, sometimes it’s two people who are close in weight and the ride is perfectly in tune, and sometimes it’s a grown man and a baby and that baby gets launched into the air and…well, you get the point.

1. Traveling with small children is like the big swinging boat at theme parks…there are highs, lows, thrills, cries, people wetting themselves, and no one can hold on to what they brought on the ride, sometimes that includes their breakfast.

2. We bought a van to have plenty of space to ensure perfectly executed family trips. But every time we head home it feels a bit tight, too tight. Like the fingerprint-covered windows and booger covered seats are slowly closing in on us. We have three kids and enough junk to fill a thrift store.

3. Vacations with family, no matter how stressful are always amazing and worth whatever headache(s) they can and will bring, but man  I always feel exhausted. Like I have been training for a marathon (so I hear). Up by 7:00 AM at the latest every day on vacation feels a little too grown up for me. But…my kids attack the morning like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat so who am I to lay in bed and rejuvenate my mind and spirit, not to mention ailing and neglected physique?

4. Lastly, Google maps clearly DOES NOT calculate based on Toler Family Travel Time (TFTT). While the estimated time of our last trip was 8 hours each way, we easily stretched it into a 12-hour stress filled survival tour…take that technology. You don’t know us…

So, do it anyway, take them places, make memories so good that even when they grow up and don’t remember the stories you can remind them of how much fun you were before they made you get old…

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  1. Linda says:

    Very funny and very true!

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