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Bennett’s First Day of School

Bennett heads back to “school” tomorrow. Well pre-school, or pre…pre-k. I haven’t seen the curriculum for this year, but I think it is pretty standard, some light bio-chemistry followed by a snack of animal crackers and so on and so forth. But, no matter what they teach or learn or do Bennett James Toler will be up for it, and I mean WAY up for it, anything and everything. I tell the kids sometimes that, “If everything is a big...


Back to School, A Parent’s Fresh Start

“Back to School,” the three most complicated words in the parenting lexicon. Expectations for a new year of growing and learning are always high, and a fresh chance at a great start is refreshing in a world that is exceedingly moving towards one strike, and you’re out. Some parents are so sad that summer is over while others have been camping out with their kids in front of the school like it’s a Best Buy on Black Friday waiting for...


Mamaw Turned 87…We Think.

Last night we were headed to celebrate Mamaw’s 87th birthday. We think… An important note of clarification: Mamaw disagrees (and pretty much always has) with the age on her birth certificate and steadfastly says her name is wrong on it, too. So this may or may not have been number 87…and you know what? I am with her! I disagree with the height and weight on my license so who am I to start drawing lines in the sand? As...


These Kids Don’t Want to Rock

Davis and I were driving and listening to music. He likes to rock so we had it on the station that used to play oldies, 92.5. Now it’s just hard rock for hard people like me. It can’t still only play oldies because Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” came on and that’s a current and raging hit. Anyway, I was singing and delivering what, I think, was a terrific and heartfelt performance. When someone from the backseat chimed in… Davis...


Adam in Public – Checkout Line Awkward Run-in

It’s that time again, pull up a chair and put on your Snuggie, it’s time for another awkward run in… — Last December I went into my local super business store to buy large boxes for some orders I needed to ship. As I was checking out, the counter person and I had a glorious exchange. I could tell when I arrived at the desk I was dealing with a serious, no-nonsense operator just like me. Important: From here on...


Summer Travel With Kids – The Long Ride Home

As summer comes to a close and the blazing 100-degree temps fade into the welcoming arms of the cool upper ninety-degree temps I think it’s time we address the elephant in the back seat. The long ride home with kids… It’s often mentioned that the ride home feels much shorter than the ride to vacation.  That’s fine and dandy and in most cases probably holds true.  But with kids in the back seat, the wheels can literally come off at...

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