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Is the Easter Bunny Real?

Two Easter mornings ago I was thrown into an extremely tense situation… We cranked off the morning with Easter baskets, pastels, and sugar free candy (that’s a lie, there was tons of sugar). Things got real right out of the gate…. Davis: Is the Easter Bunny real? Me: Ask your mother? Just kidding, just kidding. Me: (Really, after a telepathic conversation with Amanda): Well…these are from Mommy and Daddy and… Davis interrupts: Good, that would be weird. Me (thinking): That...


Sneezing Ain’t Easy

I’m a weird sneezer. I have a history of snotty situations. The truth is finally out, just like my powerful sneeze, what a relief. When I feel the over powering urge to sneeze I must respond immediately. I mean IMMEDIATELY! The window for sneeze success is smaller than my wife’s patience for my rambling when she is ready to go to sleep. Razor thin. With the skill of a master surgeon, I fire through some very essential steps and finely...


Adam Takes On The Powerful Baby Doll Industry

Important Photo Caption Note: Clara Jane refers to all of her baby dolls as “American Girl” dolls. We never actually said that about any of them, to be fair we didn’t correct her either. I mean other than quality, price, durability, prestige, and a host of other features how is this “journeygirls” doll really that different?  Why do they give baby dolls removable clothing? My sweet, beautiful Clara Jane has no interest in keeping up with her clothes, much less...


Let’s Play Some NintendOLD!

Davis, Clara, and I got out my original Nintendo over the weekend and hooked it up. Davis saw it in a drawer and has wanted to give it a whirl for a while now. What could go wrong? Nothing, that’s what. Davis gets to play video games every now and then and is really good, like excessively good, especially at Mariokart. He’s good enough that I have had to use alternative means to secure victory for myself a few times...


An ALARMing Night

It has been a long day. It started at 3:30 AM with a fateful beep…and then another…and another… I sprung (see: fell awkwardly out of bed) into action. I knew what the beep was, with each beep we grew closer to all the kids waking up, and me turning into a bouncer at an all-night beep filled rave. Having learned a hard lesson once before, I first checked the Carbon Monoxide Alarms… Lesson Already (Angrily) Learned: Long story short when...

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